I am Parkdale and this is ParkdaleART! I am a dorky transfeminine bitch from New Zealand who started drawing hentai around puberty and then somehow never really stopped. It’s a very pretty thing to draw and it’s fun seeing peoples cute reactions to it! Most of my content is free to view however Patrons get access to new content weeks or months in advance.

VIP section offline for now, I got banned from Patreon lol!

Commissions & Requests

Commissions are open and they average around 120USD. When contacting me in regards to this please be immediately up front about what exactly it is you want and what your budget is. I do not have a price sheet as I prefer to quote based around the nature of the client and job. Reach me on parkdaleart at gmail or direct message me on social media.

Alternatively a cheaper option is submitting requests by making donations or subscribing to Patreon, I tend to choose the ones that I think would be the most fun or the ones that other community members also seem passionate about.

I’m not sure if I even have to do this but just to be safe; all characters here are depicted as over the age of 18, look at the proportions come on. Who cares about their canon age they grew up that’s what happens. If you are under 18 years old you should not be here and you should not interact with me.